Jana Pretorius
Specialist Wildlife Veterinarian & Co-Producer

This documentary was an idea that developed from my love for these special creatures. Especially Ronnie, the rhino in the photo taught me what loving and sensitive animals these are. I realised the public knew very little about rhinos except that they are being poached. I wanted to share facts and their emotional side with the world.

Carli Scheepers
Producer & Photographer

Africa and its sweeping beauty has always been close to my heart and has provided me with 1000s of hours of pleasure through my lens. The opportunity to film one of the world's most enigmatic animals in support of educating future generations to motivate them to save them, had me jump at the chance.

Adi van der Walt
Director and Editor

The first time we went out to do some recce filming, I couldn't even get out of the car of fear of this immense animal. They are big and quite daunting to say the least, but then I got to know them a bit and yes, you have to be careful, but they are the most loving and sensitive animals. I have grown so fond of them and feel fortunate to be part of a team that share a common goal to protect the rhino and help eliminate threats against rhinos caused by humans. This is a mission to educate!


i am rhino

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