What do we really know about the rhino? That their horns are worth more than gold? That they are one of the most poached animals in the world?


When we take a closer look, following the bush trail and look behind the big horn, the big, grey mystery comes to the fore. An animal that is one of the most sensitive animals on the planet; that is more curious than most humans and is very scared of being alone. It is packaged in the oddest shaped body, with thick skin and three toes on each foot; but still manages to move silently through the bush. Their tails show their state of mind and they communicate through high pitch calling sounds; almost like whales. The bush track has got endless information…


This documentary will take the viewer on an artistic journey to explore the rhino, the rhino behind the horn, showing their beauty, sensitivity, fears and power. An incredible species that we as humans would want to save with our hearts, not just our heads.



i am rhino

a documentary